Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Incentives And aesthetics

A) Incentives motivate people to complete tasks. An incentive could be money, but that only works for tasks with a set of instructions. When people are asked to do tasks that require more thinking and work for large sums of money it does not help at all. It can help with a smaller sum of money and less thought involved in the task.

B) The most aesthetic experience in my life was when I went to Australia. My dad had a job interview there and his and my moms's tickets were free so we decided to make it a vacation. I was the most awesome place ever. The people were super friendly, which was a nice change, the animals were just like the best, the weather was absolutely perfect and the view from the hike up the blue mountains was unbelievable. And terrifying, but mostly unbelievable. Also the Sydney Opera House was so beautiful at night. That was the most aesthetic experience I have ever had.

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