Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Peer Interview

Elise Cracco

If Elise could where only one color for the rest of her life, it would be"between blue or pink," because she looks good in those colors, but she would have to go with blue, because "there is so many different shades of blue." If she could move anywhere in the world for her choice of time, Elise would live in "Antarctica, just to say that I had that experience." I asked Elise what her opinion on Mr. Kefor was as a teacher, and she thinks that "He is really funny, and he teaches well." Elise has "technically, an older brother," but she says she was "an only child for the first eight years" of her life. I asked Elise if she was in a purge, what illegal things she would do: "I would rob a bank, to get money, and then I would use that money for whatever, then I would raid a convenient store and get all there food." Elise was born "in Providence Rhode Island, in Women and infants hospital. and  funny story, family friends, they have a son who is exactly a year older than me,and we were born in the same hospital by the same doctor." Elise say that the coolest place she has ever been is " Scotland, because they are so different, with there skirts and stuff." If Elise could be a fictional character for a day, she would be "Alice Cullen from the twilight series." Elise's opinion on school differs based on the time of day. " If I am just waking up in the morning, I am totally not for school, but when I am at school its OK, then when I get home I am like no, don't go back." Elise's favorite animal is a "giraffe, because they are so awkward, and disproportionate." That was my interview with Elise Cracco.

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  1. I would also wear blue if I could only wear one color. This interview taught me a lot about Elise.