Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Bucket List

Short Term

  • Graduate high school- This is definitely a short term goal for me, mostly because I am a freshman and I and already not a big fan, so it is probably going to suck trying to keep my grades up when most of my classes are really not that interesting.
  • Do an exchange program-  I want to do an exchange program so that I can travel and become proficient in another language and really just experience new countries.
  • Get better at horseback riding- I really like horses and I am around them with my sister a lot, who is really good at riding, and i still kind of stink, so I want to get better at that
  • Meet my family on my dad's side-  I am half Iranian on my dad's side, and since all of his brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews live in Iran and it is really hard to visit there because of money and the government, I have never been able to meet them so that would be pretty cool.
  • Learn how to do a headstand- I could never do a handstand, I would probably crack my skull, but I really want to be able to do a headstand.

Long Term

  • GLADIATORS!!- So, this will most likely never happen and it might be a weird thing to put on a journalism assignment, but heck. So I think it would be super duper if I could go to the Colosseum in Rome and just watch a full out, roman clothes, gladiator fight. Like that would be pretty awesome. Just a thought.
  • Dracula-  I am big on travel ever since I went to Australia, so I will travel anywhere I get the opportunity, and if I happen to find myself in Romania, I would love to visit Dracula's castle because I read the book and it was really good.
  • JD ALL THE WAY- OK, I am totally Johnny Depp's biggest fan, and it is definitely on my bucket list to meet him, because he is legit the coolest person ever. And he wears pretty cool hats. So lets not forget that.
  • Speak Russian-  Every time I hear Russian I'm like: wow, that is a boss language. And their accents are really awesome and hilarious and I really want to learn it sometime in the future.
  • Disney World-  I have never been to Disney World, so it would be cool to go there but I really want to go to the one in Hong-Kong, because it would be really different and cool.

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